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Team and Program Development Courses

Professional Development Courses for Coaches, Athletics Directors, and Classroom Teachers

ATH 900 – Successful Fund Raising for Athletics

In most athletics programs, fund raising to supplement budgets is becoming much more important. Successful athletics programs and teams are becoming increasingly tied to the coaches and/or athletic director's ability to generate funds from other sources. This course offers the athletics coach and/or athletic administrator the opportunity to learn and apply actual fund-raising and marketing plans for your program.

ATH 904 – Coaching: General Principles

This course is designed to encourage the coach to think about the various elements of successful coaching beyond simply the skill requirements of their respective sport. The ability to successfully organize, lead, motivate, relate, and evaluate is foundational to the coach within the profession. The purpose of this course is to assist the coach in their professional development relative to the overall requirements necessary for the coaching profession.

ATH 904A – Principles of Coaching (ASEP)

This online course is part of the Human Kinetics ASEP Coach Education program and will introduce students to many principles of coaching that are applicable across sports. The text is based on the sport sciences and espouses the Human Kinetics Coach Education philosophy of Athletes First, Winning Second.